Maybe This Time

By Jennifer Crusie

“Have you talked to North?” he said.
“Yes,” she said. “I asked him to get us cable.”
“I wish you weren’t talking to him.”
“I’d talk to Satan to get cable,” Andie said.”

Well, that was different! A genuine ghost story from first to last. Some parts reminded me of a light-hearted Turn of the Screw. Andie’s ex-husband needs someone to temporarily take care of two children who have fallen under his care. He calls on Andie who despite their painful divorce, he trusts and respects. Andie needs the money, so she agrees. When she travels to the isolated old mansion and meets the children, she knows she will have her hands full. Do they need love and stability, or exorcism?

Some romance fans may be disappointed in the number of pages devoted to love and hanky-panky but I was fine with it. The right people got together at the end and happy endings were had by all except the villains of course. Jennifer Crusie’s signature snarky repartee and humor were front and center. The hero and heroine were very likable although North’s constant mantra of “I don’t believe in ghosts” got very irritating. The two kids were very interesting characters and I enjoyed their character development. The secondary characters kept things rolling along as well. In fact, Gabe, a character from Fast Women, I believe, makes a cameo. I would have snatched up a sequel to this in a skinny minute.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

February 9, 2020

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