Charlie All Night

By Jennifer Crusie

“Allie put her chin on his shoulder to look into the carton. He had great shoulders and Chinese food. At the moment, he was the perfect man.”

After being demoted, radio producer Allie decides to boost her career by taking a DJ in hand and producing him into a success. Charlie has no interest in being famous, because he is really at the Radio Station to expose a suspected drug dealer. This was a very light well-written funny romance that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. . Why the no sex bet? Why is Charlie even going on with the investigation? Why is he even there for his father to begin with? When he found out the “drug dealing” was not for profit, but a matter of a kind compassionate man giving out free marijuana to elderly chemotherapy patients, it didn’t change his mind to see the “perpetrator” arrested and sent to prison. WTF? “The law is the law” indeed. Maybe so, in the context of the times, but I could have done without the hero’s lectures on the subject. The antagonist was such a wet noodle that I couldn’t even hate him. Allie wanted a connection to Charlie that was more than sex, but it didn’t happen. They’re getting married at the end, but it was all only about great sex. She hated what he did to the old pot grower, but it’s “true love?” Who cares about fundamental worldview differences? This is one of Crusie’s early category (Harlequin) romances re-packaged. So it is what it is, but until the threads did not come together at the end, it was fun.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

October 28, 2019

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