Adventures in Love & Babysitting

Festival Free!

This Hallmark is remarkable in that there are no festivals or small businesses to save from big bad greedy corporations. Two polar opposites who had always irritated each other have to work together to babysit mutual friends’ children for a week. Like the Katharine Hegel/Josh Duhamel romantic comedy Life as we Know It, the woman is uptight and responsible and the guy is an overgrown frat boy. Only in that movie, the parents were tragically killed and the couple was the designated joint legal guardians. It’s a good movie. Any Hallmark fan would love it.

This one suffers from 2 bland protagonists and a bland family. The female lead was unlikable and snotty when she wasn’t being bland. I think I’d like the actress in something else, I just didn’t like the character she played. The guy was OK. He wasn’t all that irresponsible either, just kind of fun-loving. it followed the usual pattern except for no festivals or country/city conflict. Other than that it was nothing special but fairly tolerable.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

April 24, 2020

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