Love on the Vines

Complex, yet Balanced and Slightly Fruity

One of the reasons I really enjoyed this one is that there was so much going on. Every subplot and character was well written and engaging. Jack Wagner made a delicious antagonist with his diabolical self interfering in his son’s love life and his mission to buy our two main leads’ smaller but more exclusive organic vineyard. I liked that leads were attractive but normal-looking people. Sometimes that actors and actresses are more glamour-pusses than able to give their character’s personality and appeal. That said, I didn’t care much for the behavior of the hero throughout almost all of this story. He was whiny and kind of a snot until he admitted he needed her help. I liked the girl. She was smart, successful, ethical, hard-working, ambitious, and had a lot of moral character. Even at the end, I got the feeling that she could have done better romance-wise.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

April 22, 2020

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