Sweet Surrender

What About the 4-Lane Highway?

Tom returns to his hometown in order to help his Grandma run her B&B. Grandma dies, the B&B is in trouble. Thanks to the scheming of his Ex-girlfriend, he is in danger of losing it because of a big highway coming through which makes it vulnerable to being torn down for a mall. The only thing I have to add to the previous reviews is to ask how is the 4 lane highway that is going through Grandma’s bed and breakfast (or at least along the border) going to affect the beauty and ambiance and romance of Grandma’s “legacy?” More than the usual suspension of disbelief is required to swallow this one. Still, it’s not too bad thanks to the actors. Arielle Kebbel is very appealing as the police officer/love interest. (No, he doesn’t get back with his ex, played by Haylie Duff.)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

February 3, 2020

One thought on “Sweet Surrender

  1. You are right about belief suspension. The beachfront property’s value makes the highway frontage value look like chump change even if it’s on a one lane dirt road and what about the poor first cousin cop, same relation to their grandmother, not getting jack shit while the “prodigal” gets millions???

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