Brimming With Love

“Cold and Distant”

The female lead character is a journalist doing a story on a coffee shop whose owner is an incurable and successful matchmaker. At one point the heroine’s best friend reads the comments on her story she is writing for her newspaper. The comment read “writer seems cold and distant.” “Oh Ho,” I thought, maybe this stiff, wooden, bored performance is her version of cold and distant since that is what the character was supposed to be. (Which was very unlikable) I was just about to quit watching this movie because the portrayal of the lead actress was just that bad. Instead, I decided to skip ahead to see if the ice melted and she showed some energy in the inevitable happy ending. Nope. It wasn’t the character, it was just terrible acting. Cute girl but she should be a model not an actress. She has that glum expressionless runway model-face down pat. The secondary romance was pretty good though.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

February 2, 2020

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