Hometown Horror

Real People Not Trying to Make a Living Getting Scared by Fake Ghosts.

I’ve only seen one and a half episodes of this (the Perryville episode) but thought that it was a lot more credible than most of these ghost shows that have a team of investigators that go from site to site. The team members are usually so childish (seeing and hearing ghosts everywhere when it is just a squirrel in the attic or entities that are never actually caught on camera unless it is a bug or dust on a camera lens.) They plead with the “ghosts” to respond to their questions and taunts but when they think they hear something, they freak out. This episode just had what appeared to be real people just telling of their experiences over a re-enactment. The interviewees seem very authentic unlike the teams who are trying to earn a living by being famous and so will choose drama over truth. The re-enactment part is over-dramatized with jump scares but what do you expect? I will be watching more of these episodes. I liked the history and background as well.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

January 25, 2020

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