Flipper’s New Adventure

Great Kid’s Movie with Two Legendary Stars

I only saw about the last 45 minutes of this movie or thereabouts. I only came to the review page to express my wonderment that the great British actress, Francesca Annis, played in this at the age of 19!

I didn’t even recognize her as the sister Gwen, until I caught a glance at the credits. Probably due to her nose job at 21. I had no idea she started out so young, which I learned by looking at her page. And Pamela Franklin! it just seems like she pops up in everything during this time period.

Her resume is not that packed, but the movies she was in were so high profile and also starred some of the great stars of the screen. Bette Davis…Deborah Kerr…Maggie Smith… Michael Redgrave…William Holden…Marlon Brando…Dirk Bogarde. She was also in one of my favorite Disney movies, The Horse Without a Head which also starred Jean-Pierre Aumont, Leo McKern, and Herbert Lom! As she got older she guest-starred in many American TV series back in the day when there were only 3 channels so she would come to my attention time after time. What a memorable presence she was in everything! A great actress indeed. If she ever writes an autobiography, I’d definitely read it. I think she’s is long retired now from the antiquarian book business, so that is probably not on the horizon.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

December 19, 2019

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