Love, for Real

Actually Pretty Funny in Places

Chloe Bridges, the lead actress, has certainly gotten some bad reviews for her performance. As an actress, I thought she was good with even some decent comic timing. Unfortunately her portrayal was derailed by a god-awful case of vocal fry. Like others, I almost changed the channel. Even worse than early Jessica Lowndes. This somewhat accounts for some reviewers labelling her whiny and sarcastic and unlikable. She kind of was, the first two, but it was made worse by her voice.

Her best friend and partner in entering the Bachelor-type competition was a sweetheart. She made Hayley seem even more annoying in comparison. The actress, Taiana Tully, was natural and enthusiastic with a perky charm. She may have been cast for the diversity factor, but hopefully this will lead to more roles. The two best friends enter a bachelor reality show. Hayley, a fledging designer, to promote her line of dresses, sweet appealing Bree, I don’t remember why. But neither one wants to actually win. Unfortunately Perky nice girl falls in love with the male star almost immediately and it’s mutual.

There were actual some good laughs in this one, particularly the scene when the mean chief rival unveils her painting of herself and the bachelor as mermaid and merman. (“did you notice the scales are actually to scale?) His shock and horror while trying to be nice is worth hanging around for. The production assistance was great as well. She reminded me of a young Wanda Sykes. The two male leads were not bad. Perfectly acceptable. And the last few scenes where Hayley foils the phony plans of the phony reality show, ruining their fake storyline without regard to real reality is very entertaining. I have to take it down a star for the sappy cheesy speeches that the bachelor guy had to make. I know it was a send up of that ilk of reality shows, but they were a little too on point for me. I can’t wait for those shows to go the way of westerns, afternoon soap operas, and afternoon game shows.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

August 6, 2021

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