The Forbidden Chest (Judy Bolton #24)

By Margaret Sutton

Judy sets out to prove that her new friend Holly did not steal some valuable glassware from her aunt Cleo and Uncle Fred. Along the way, she meets a “poor little rich boy,” Harold Wilson, who is the Number One suspect. Once Judy meets his abominable parents Judy’s heart is touched and she does what she can to prove both suspects innocent. We are treated to a secret underground fort, a forbidden chest that disappears seemingly into thin air, a cross-country train ride (with prisoners headed to “The Rock!”), and a visit to a horse ranch arranged by the FBI.

We also see some charming glimpses of Peter and Judy together and are re-introduced to people we met in The Black Cat’s Clue, including Aunt Cleo the Drama Queen, and her phlegmatic husband. When we learn why Holly’s dead mother made her promise never to open it, it is quite poignant. Once the chest is opened it is quite the shocker! No body parts though, I promise! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

May 19, 2021

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