The Black Cat’s Clue (Judy Bolton #23)

By Margaret Sutton

Although I did like some aspects of this book, it also had some problems for me as well. I liked the twist at the end and the introduction of Holly Potter. I also liked that her difficult family was somewhat redeemed at the end.

Judy meets a 15 year old orphan, Holly, and befriends her. She has run away from an unhappy home to live with her beloved uncle, David Potter. Upon her arrival, she learns that her uncle has recently come into some money but has been killed and his relatives are now ensconced in his house. Very suspicious, no?

One of the characters. I can’t say who, because it would be a spoiler, really rubbed me the wrong way. I did not like his personality at all. And one of the characters who I don’t think I was supposed to like (because Judy didn’t), was really a hoot, so I did like him.

The major problem I had was with one of the keys to the mystery, the existence of which was totally unbelievable bordering on the bizarre. Usually, Margaret Sutton does manage to make the happenings fairly believable and tie everything up and together for a very satisfying end. Although she did explain the ghosts or “transparent people” at her home to my satisfaction, the solution of the mystery to the haunting of David Potter’s house was lame. All of the dots did not seem to connect in this story.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

March 20, 2021

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