Midnight Marriage

By Lucinda Brant

I enjoyed this old fashioned historical romance which I listened to on Audible. Alex Wyndham’s narration was good, although, like most male narrators/voice actors he had a tendency to make the female characters sound slightly like stereotypical-sounding gay males. To be fair, it was not as distracting as it is with some male narrators and it was only true with the heroine, not with the other female characters.

I liked Deb. And I liked Julian though only at the beginning and the end. In the middle, he was very angry, cruel, and unjust to Deb for really no reason. He does admit his errors and apologizes most effectively, so I can live with it. I really enjoy the Georgian time-period. LB did a good job with a sword duel at the end although no one can match Patricia Veryan when it comes to duels. The romance was good but didn’t overpower the other plots and side characters. I especially enjoyed re-visiting Antonia and the elder Roxton, Julian’s father, once again. There were some interesting reveals and some twists near the end that I didn’t see coming. That is always welcome with me, especially in a genre in which almost all of the final resolutions are inevitable.

There were several plot points that were not very well supported. As I mentioned, Julian’s treatment of Deb was one. His problems with some of her actions were all his fault. I didn’t understand Deb’s plans for an annulment of her first childhood marriage when she went and remarried him in an undisputed second marriage 10 years later. In the unlikely event that she was successful in getting an annulment, she still would be married to the guy by virtue of her completely voluntary and consummated second marriage.

I have not read a historical romance I could tolerate enough to finish, let alone enjoy, in a long time. Lucinda Brant is the exception.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

May 1, 2020

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