Trading Christmas

By Debbie Macomber

This was a typical latter-day Debbie Macomber, unfortunately. In this case, the movie was better thanks to the charm and the appeal of the actors. And instead of the wacky charm of the movie character of Faith, we have a nice woman, with absolutely nothing compelling, or interesting, or amusing about her. Same with all of the other characters. Very stale. The actual plot had a lot of promise. Some scenes were mildly amusing but could have been laugh-out-loud funny.

Debbie’s tone with the reader is like a kindergarten teacher with her 5-year-olds: over-explaining, keeping it simple so we understand, and repeating constantly lest we forget. It’s almost insulting. It’s too bad because she used to be one of the best. Many of her old Silhouette Special editions were worth rereading several or more times.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

December 14, 2018

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