The Boy Next Door

By Meg Cabot

“It’s only until Mrs. Friedlander gets better.

And when is THAT going to be? Earth to Mel. Come in, Mel. The woman is in a COMA. Okay? She is COMATOSE. I think some alternative arrangements for the woman’s pets need to be made. You are a DOORMAT. A COMATOSE woman is using you as a DOORMAT.

A delightful frothy romance written entirely in emails to and from our heroine and her friends, love interest, coworkers, family, and acquaintances. It is well-written and engaging. The protagonists are likable, even endearing. I didn’t think anything could be lighter than Sophie Kinsella, but apparently Meg Cabot has managed to make her adult novels even lighter (if this is representative) and just as fun. It is utterly predictable and I usually do like more depth and emotion, but I couldn’t resist the charm. It is full of cultural references (who knew Winona Ryder dated Chris Noth?!) which dated it considerably, but was also part of it’s quirky nostalgic appeal, for me. I can’t resist going on to another one immediately.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

September 10, 2018

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