The Love Story of Missy Carmichael

By Beth Morrey

What was this fear, this terror of being alone, when I was never a particularly gregarious being and in fact used to go out of my way to avoid social engagements?

I don’t know why I’d allowed myself to become so maudlin. The wine, probably. Two glasses, which sounded better than half a bottle.

Not unattractive, as dogs go, but I’ve never been keen on them. Too dim and needy.

This book. Who would have thought I would so enjoy a book about an 80 year old “withered old shrew” as Missy describes herself? This is a triumphant debut novel by Beth Morrey and I am most anxious and curious to read the next book by this talented new author. Her transformation to a vital, popular, heroic, beloved woman is full of laughter, tears, and wonder. How did this happen? She reluctantly agreed to temporarily foster a dog.

Throughout the book, my opinions and judgments I made about Missy and her family changed and developed. My disapproval turned to love and back again and then back still again. The revelations in the final chapters moved me to no end as I finally understood everything.

In England, this book is called Saving Missy. I don’t know which title is more appropriate. This is a wonderful wonderful book. **5 stars out of 5**

October 27, 2020

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