A More Mature and Serious Take on the Disney Classic

Stranded is a top notch re-telling of the Swiss Family Robinson story. It takes a more serious approach where lives are threatened , tragedy is always around the next corner, and death does occur. This is not a Disney version, with its humor, slapstick, and rollicking tone. Yet it retains the values of family, religion, and love. With its 3 hour length, it has added a welcome subplot which follows the life of the youngest son, Jacob, separated from the family during the shipwreck and raised by pirates. It also devotes time to the transformation of father David Robinson from a stubborn, controlling religious fanatic to a loving and supportive father who learns to widen his worldview on the little deserted island. It also adds to the mix, a young daughter who grows up on the island, and a native who visits occasionally and helps them through some life threatening events. Happily, it also includes a romance when the daughter of a sea captain escapes from pirates, and meets up with the Robinson family. Equally happily, it also includes the climactic battle between the Robinsons and the pirates. All ends well in a very satisfying ending, where each family member chooses to go or stay in order to fulfill their bliss. The cast includes some actors very familiar to fans of British cinema and television. Ginny Weasley is even it! This is superbly entertaining family movie that deserves to be much more well known that it is. It has something for every one. **9 out of 10 stars**

May 5, 2018

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