Remember Me?

by Sophie Kinsella

I’m a whiz kid! I have strategic visions of the future! I just hope I wrote them down somewhere.

This was very much a light-hearted take on an amnesia-stricken heroine. Both Kinsella’s writing and the story were very enjoyable, although I think, in this case, the intrigue of the amnesia plot was what kept me interested to the end and looking forward to reading the next chapter. I enjoyed the humor and funny situations Lexi found herself in, but the story really kicked in about 30% into it when she finally started to realize that not all in her life was as perfect as it appeared to be. The overarching mystery of the story was how she could have changed so utterly and completely from an awkward insecure unremarkable drone to a sleek, fashionable business dynamo in 3 years. I was afraid this would be a plot hole that Kinsella was not going to address, but at last she does, and very believably. I was frustrated by how naïve and trusting Lexi was of her reprobate sister who betrayed and lied to her time and again, although Amy did achieve some measure of redemption at the end. Also, no matter how many times she explains her amnesia to her mother (horrible selfish weak woman), co-workers, “friends”, and even her Knight in shining armor, they continually act surprised when she doesn’t remember something. This was really a weakness towards the end when Jon, her one strong and reliable ally, has his “I-can’t–believe-you-didn’t-remember-that” moment that comes within a hair’s breadth of causing a disaster and devastating failure. I do wonder if I would enjoy any of her other books as well as this one because I’m kind of a sucker for amnesia stories. **4 stars out of 5**

July 04, 2016

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