Friends and Foes

by Sarah M. Eden

After being disappointed by Stella Riley’s The Parfit Knight, the first of the Rockcliffe series of historical romances, I thought I’d get right back on the horse with historical series and try again with Friends and Foes the first of the Jonquil Brothers series. I didn’t like this one either. My main problem with this book was that I found the heroine, Sorrell, a real pill. I had multiple problems with the way she acted, but that pretty much sums it up.

There were a lot of things that Sarah Eden wrote that did not make sense. When her good friend and kind hosts learned of her disability, why didn’t they move her to a bedroom on the first floor? No, she just keeps trudging painfully up and down two flights of stairs throughout the whole book. Why did she keep having debilitating weakness, illness, and fever from broken bones that healed (albeit poorly) years ago? I’m not a medical professional but I’ve never heard of such a thing. When the misunderstanding over “the correspondent” she was visiting in town happened why did she think our hero Phillip was discouraging her from pursuing medical relief from her constant pain when she knew he had no idea she was even considering such a thing? My head was spinning. Even if Phillip thought she was having an affair when she was seeing a doctor and was jealous, why didn’t he help her off the floor when she was begging for help after she had fallen in the library? Even if it kind of served her right because she was constantly refusing help she greatly needed, what happened to his sense of human decency all of a sudden? Why did he lie to Sorrell that he was unacquainted with his partner Garner when he knew Sorrell not only saw them together, but had a conversation with both of them together at the inn? Some spy. And worst of all are the loose ends. The author just dropped the important plot point of her possibly getting her leg fixed, for example. If I had been engaged with the plot and characters or if the writing had been outstanding, I could have overlooked these silly mistakes, but as it was I was constantly irritated and frustrated.

Oh well, I guess I need to move away from historical romances. It wouldn’t be the first time. **2 stars out of 5**

June 3, 2021

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