If You Only Knew

By Kristan Higgins

“The one thing I hate about the wedding industry is that it focuses so much on the one day. People become obsessed with details, enraged with those they love, worn out from planning a few hours of a day that may not mean that much in the grand scheme of things. Even as I’m designing a dress that will cost thousands and thousands of dollars, I’ve always tried to work that message in. Don’t forget that after this day comes thousands of other days. Be careful. Cherish each other. Don’t blow it.”

Everything I loved about Kristan Higgins and then some. She brought the tears, she brought the dog, she brought the laughs, she brought secondary characters you can root for and some you can loathe. She brought a complicated relationship with her mother. She brought the romance. She has you cheering, laughing, and weeping. In short, Kristan Higgins. But longer and more complex. The development of Rachel’s character was beautifully realized and didn’t come easily. Even her cheating husband Adam, had some complexity and nuance. Jenny’s character wasn’t so much developed, as awakened. Loved the little addition of Evander’s story, the 11-year-old child piano prodigy that Jenny’s Leo is teaching. Reading this book has made me realize I don’t like romance fiction. I love good women’s novels that have romance in them. I will end this review with a quote that made me stop and pause. “I wish in one sharp, abrupt swell, that I could stay. What a beautiful word that is. Stay with me. Stay home. Stay alive.” Stay writing, Kristan Higgins.
**rereading 8/2018*** spoilers below***
Yep, still a five. The narration by Xe Sands and Amy Rubinate as the two sisters, was excellent. I would have to say this is probably one of my top 3 favorites. I’m glad the quite annoying mother was rehabilitated. Interesting that Jennie never did tell her sister or mother about Dad’s infidelity. Of course, for the best. Loved the Kimber, Evil mother-in-law, and Jason(?) subplot. Would have loved to have seen them make an appearance in Good Luck with That as I would have seen a hint of Rachel getting a little hope of romance with Gus. Jenny is one of my favorite KH characters, and I loved Rachel too. Both are such good women, but so different. Every one of her minor characters was so brilliantly drawn, from the sympathetic, to the contemptible. I loved the path Kristan took with the mother. She didn’t really change, but Jenny’s perception of her did.**5 stars out of 5**

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