Harvest Love

Nothing to Offer except Ryan Paevey

Nothing. Happens. Move on, Nothing to see here unless you are a Ryan Paevey fan, which on the strength of his charming performance in Unleashing Mr. Darcy, I am. Jen Lilley, the actress who plays the female lead is very pretty with huge eyes. Huge. Unfortunately, her performance is distracting to the max. I might attribute this to the vapid script, but she has a smile plastered on her face throughout the movie, usually accompanied by an irritating titter. Someone should do a spreadsheet on how often she completes a sentence by tittering. I doubt it was scripted. I understand her embarrassment, but she made a bad movie worse. Add to this, instead of real scenery we get fake backdrops that look like they have been painted on velvet by Thomas Kinkade. I gave it a 4 due entirely to Ryan Paevey’s futile efforts. Choose better next time, Dude. My patience will not last forever. **4 stars out of 10**

Rating: 2 out of 5.

October 7, 2017

6 thoughts on “Harvest Love

  1. Hee! The eyes have it. I watched another movie in which he was falsely accused of stealing books. Maybe when the call goes out for a pseudo thief…….? Falling for Vermont was very watchable. The fellowship of the traveling plants, right? 🙂 Take that, Pier Pressure.

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  2. It’s really bad. Especially the awkwardly contrived conflict as time was running out. Totally unnecessary. BUT let’s remember how vital it is for pretty people to hookup and reproduce and OMG they are gorgeous!! Half way through I was reaching for something to throw at the screen and almost missed her silhouetted head leaning on his shoulder watching the moon after some seriously adult flirting……with a fade to black instead of some idiotic “I must go”…… followed by a pensive early morning scene…..and I think I solved the problem…..she was tittering because she was titillated.

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  3. To your point:

    But good Lord, look at them!!!! I don’t get it. How can you take the two prettiest people on the planet(with apologies to Tessa and Scott) and stick them in this absurdity???? Heads should roll.

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