The Enchanted Cottage

Simply Atrocious

I honestly do not remember a movie where the acting was so bad I honestly could not finish it. Even the worst Hallmark movies at least have adequate, if not engaging, actors. The casting of Oliver, the hero, was terrible. He is supposed to be handsome and charming. He is not. I will say no more about his looks. His horrible disfigurement is not so much at all and could be easily corrected. The female lead was cast pretty well, but her acting also left a lot to be desired. I feel a little bad that I am reviewing this without seeing the whole thing. But when the acting is bad, the whole movie is tainted, no matter how good everything else was. (Though it wasn’t) My time is too precious. I was just so disappointed. I love remakes, and the original version with Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire is poignant, thought-provoking and sweet. It’s a minor and little-known classic that deserved a remake (and still deserves one). This was a desecration. **1 star out of 10**

September 24, 2017

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