All I Ever Wanted

By Kristan Higgins

I’m reading Kristan Higgins again, because there is no one better. Callie is probably the most adorable and likable Heroines KH has written. I loved that some people (including the hero, sometimes) thought that her sunny, people-pleasing personality was something she needed to fix. She is self aware enough that she knows she is the way she is due to her parents divorce when she was 8. But she likes the way she is, so screw it! I loved Ian, who is shy (almost asbergerish) and opposite in every way from Callie. Kristan really knows how to write interesting, non cardboard cut-out characters with real depth. She definitely has a stable of types and tropes that appear in all of her novels, but they are delightful every time, on the whole. Yes, yes, her signature “swear” words and interjections are too cutsie wootsie, but no one’s perfect. As always, a few tears, laugh out-loud scenes and descriptions, and stand up and cheer moments are present and accounted for. **5 out of 5 stars**


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