Bridge of Corvie

By Jane Fraser

This was much better than her earlier category-type romances, and one can see Rosamunde Pilcher’s growth and development. Lovely and lovable characters abound deftly drawn by the author. In just a few words and details, we know them and either love them or dislike them. The heroine, Sophie, is charming and quite a strong character unlike many of RP’s later female central characters. She did not have to grow or change because she is great from the very beginning.

Sophie comes on a vacation to Glencorvie, a small Scottish town, because her mother spent some very happy days there and fell in love with a young man whom her father did not approve of. Throughout Sophie’s life, her mother has talked of the little town in Scotland with affection and described it so beautifully that it has always called out to her. She wanted to meet the man her mother loved.

During her visit, Sophie sorts out a love affair that is starting to come apart, some troublesome gypsies, and a father and his two sons who are hopeless at taking care of themselves. In the process, she finds love herself. At first, you know exactly where this is going and how it is going to turn out. But by the end, it turns out you didn’t after all. There are gentle surprises aplenty.

This is right on par with many of her little novels that came later in her career.**4 stars out of 5**

Rating: 4 out of 5.

September 2, 2019

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