Murder on the Serpentine

By Anne Perry

I hope this is not the last of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, but if it were, it could not have ended better!* I have read the whole series, in order, as they came out. Because of this, I have been very invested in Charlotte and Thomas’s triumphs and tribulations. Thank You Anne Perry for finally having Thomas deservedly recognized and appreciated. I didn’t see it coming. Mostly because it contradicts how AP projected their future in a piece she wrote for Otto Penzler. (The Lineup). One of Anne’s little idiosyncrasies are her endings, which tend to be very abrupt to the point of not providing closure and catharsis. This one does, even though I still wanted it to go on and on! If the mantel is passed to Jemima and/or Daniel in the next one it would be fine with me. After all, As we learn in a New York Christmas, Jemima will be in a position to run across some mysteries that need to be solved. As does Daniel, I think. **4 1/2 out of 5 stars**

April 13, 2017

*May 24, 2021 It was.

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