The Edge of Seventeen

Not Your Typical Teenage Movie

I enjoyed the humor and performances and the sweet upbeat ending. The only downside was the insufferable behavior of our heroine throughout most of the movie. She was thoroughly unlikable. Also, the improbable casting of Hailee Steinfeld as someone who would be unpopular in high-school with her gorgeous face and super-model body and quirky fashion-sense, was eye-rolling. The writing was excellent as there was not one one-dimensional character in the cast. No one was all bad or all good. This movie turns the typical John Hughes- type cast of characters on their ear: the nerdy Asian with a crush on Nadine, the former friend who abandons her for the popular clique, the dumb jock brother, the neurotic mother, the trusted, unconventional but wise teacher, the handsome entitled and popular unrequited love interest. they are all here…but not here. They are different. Even our lovable but awkward heroine who finally finds her way. Like I said, she is not all that lovable. Hmmmm. I take back what I said about this being a downside. As far as the ending: Yay! this is how Pretty in Pink should have ended. **9stars out of 10**

March 25, 2017

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