Who’s That Girl?

by Mhairi McFarland

You were waiting for him to give you things he never said he’d give you and you never asked for. You could have asked him what your “thing” meant to him. But you didn’t. By default, you gave him all the power. Doesn’t sound like he was trustworthy with it.’ Edie nodded, miserably. ‘In my experience, hopeful silence is a tactic that is DFD.’ ‘“DFD”?’ ‘Destined for doom.’

He paused at the trailer door. ‘You’re a good person, Edie. Goodness will get you through this.’

Another wonderful Mhairi McFarlane! Includes her typical quirky characters, lovable hero and heroine, wonderful character development, lots of laughter, and a few tears. This one has a lot to say about cyber-bullying, celebrity worship, and gossip. The injustice of the bullying was painful, but not too painful since Edie, our girl, has a very supportive boss and was able to get out of town and land on a great project for work: Ghostwriting the auto-biography of a hunky superstar. Plus, her own sketchy behavior and insecurities did lead to her problems. This one was particularly strong in its numerous sub-plots, all of them interesting and engaging.

At times, Edie was a little slow in her insight and understanding regarding her romance but sharp and smart in other ways. She was able to grow out of her weaknesses, gain self-understanding and acceptance and emerge a strong, happy, much more healthy woman a good bit before the end of the book. No last-minute epiphanies, thank goodness. The character development in the whole “cast” was believable and satisfying.

I understand why some readers did not like the ending, (some are pretty harsh about it) but I was fine with it. I understood it and don’t see how it could have ended differently. Yes, I would have liked things spelled out a bit more with a nice epilogue, but fear not, it ends with hope and love. Actually, I’m really not sure spelling it out would do romantics-at-heart any favors particularly. I read the last sentence with a sigh and a smile. Isn’t that what we’re really after…after all? **4 out of 5 stars**

July 15, 2020

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