If I Never Met You

by Mhairi McFarland

This book was an absolute delight from first to last. I enjoyed every page of it. It was the best. I listened to the first half on audio narrated by Sara Novak and she was just fantastic. The Manchester accent made Laurie, our heroine, even more lovable, and the humor even funnier. Brilliant. About Laurie. What a pleasure to have a heroine be a strong, smart, successful and respected, funny woman of strong moral character from first to last. Too often, even my favorite authors(Mhairi M. included) start their off heroines weak, subservient, blind, and foolish in order to make their growth curve more dramatic. Laurie is done wrong and hurt by men in her life, but she never lets it get the better of her. She was a star even though she does have some growing and learning to do.

And it was a great, clean, romance. All about the chemistry, friendship to love, and the journey. It was so funny, but it had a lot to say about friends, office politics, sexism, family, judging by appearances, and so much more. It had me crying, angry, cheering, and laughing out loud. Our hero Jamie was revealed step by step, getting more and more worthy of Laurie and more admirable and appealing every step of the way. He doesn’t change, but we learn more about him. By the end, I didn’t want it to end. It could have really used an epilogue. It’s my only criticism.
This isn’t the best review I ever wrote, but it is one of the best done romantic comedies I have ever read. This author stands with the best in business. **5 stars out of 5**

July 6, 2020

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