Sleeping Tiger

by Rosamunde Pilcher

This was the first Rosamunde Pilcher I ever read, and, in my mid-20s at the time, I was hooked. There is a bit of an ick factor for some: there is a 17 year age difference between the 2 leads, and the young lady was only 20 years old. It didn’t bother me a great deal although it did take me a minute to switch gears to George possibly being her father, to her love interest. That possibility was put to rest pretty quickly however. Selina is a typical Rosamunde Pilcher heroine: young, innocent, underweight, bullied and needy. But this one did not annoy me as much as the two girls did in the previous two books I re-read. Although a bit hopeless and a bit whiny, she did take charge of her own fate at last and did not do anything super stupid. And she certainly did not suffer in comparison to her hard drinking chain smoking rival for George’s affection, Frances. What a piece of work she was!

I loved George, the hero. Think Cary Grant in Father Goose. The last pages where Selina and George acknowledge their love is very charming and very cinematic, somehow. I kept picturing Keira Knightly and George Clooney. **4 stars out of 5**

November 22, 2018

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