Christian Mingle

Funny and Good in context of other Hallmark-type movies even though this was actually a legit theatre movie(!)

I enjoyed this rom-com very much. I loved the angle of a non-Christian pretending to be an evangelical to catch a Christian guy. Lots of Laughs. It gently skewers a few foibles of the Christian culture while still being respectful and pro-Christian. Lacey Chabert did a charming job and was quite funny in places. The guy was pretty much a non-entity, unfortunately. This movie has gotten a lot of flack from both Christians and non-Christians. Either Christians not able to laugh at themselves, and non-Christians taking it way too seriously. This is not some kind of manifesto for Christianity that needs to be attacked so virulently. It’s just a cute rom-com with using a rather unusual take on a fish out of water story. Morgan Fairchild, by the way. I wouldn’t have recognized her. I guess older actresses are screwed either way. Either look your age and get criticized for looking old or have a lot of work done and look frozen and artificial. I admire actresses who choose the former (if they can get work!) **8 stars out of 10**

June 22, 2016

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