Cherished Enemy

by Patricia Veryan

Some of this book was kind of a chore to get through. It is the second time I have read it. I found the hero and the heroine likable and admirable but rather run of the mill. It was very “talky”, with little or no advancement to the plot or character. It was not as funny as many of her books. There was no joy in it. Still, it is key to the series. It is the one where all of the cyphers are finally put together and the puzzle is solved after much struggle. It sets up the 6th and last entry, The Dedicated Villain, perfectly. I love the character of Fr. Charles Albritton. He has been a mystery figure up to this book, and he finally comes out of the shadows. Also, to a lesser extent, does his love, Deborah Singleton. The other big draw to this book is that all of the “league” make appearances or we learn something about them. The re-appearance of Treve and the “Little Parish” of Wagered Widow is particularly welcome. We even get a reference to visiting Willowvale! The hiding place of the Jacobite Treasure will be featured in a book 50+ years hence in one of the Sanguinet Saga. So although I appreciated some things PV did in this one, I agree with most reviewers that it was one of the weakest in the series, indeed, in her canon. **3 stars out of 5**

May 11, 2017

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