White Wedding

By Milly Johnson

Listening to Violet’s story both her mouth and Bel’s had dropped open so much that they looked like two copies of Munch’s Scream.

Indeed. Violet is finally coming clean to her two friends about what a horror her fiance, Glynn, has been. Having read A Winter Flame and The Mother of All Christmases I have met Violet before and was interested in how she suffered before she found her happy ending in the subsequent books.

This one follows Milly’s go-to template of tracing the romantic and other relationships of 3 women friends, one of whom is usually a victim of a man and won’t stand up for herself until the very end. Generally, I’m fine with that for now because her writing is smart, both witty and comical, and her characters so interesting and likable. There are always some surprises and twists and some parts that are genuinely moving. **4 out of 5stars**

November 12, 2019

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