The Mother of All Christmases

By Milly Johnson

July 30,2019

‘I’m pregnant,’ she blurted out because the words were too big to keep in. It wasn’t what she meant to say, which was Joe, can I have a private word with you, but somehow the delivered words raced past the intended ones queueing in her voice box.

‘And your Granny Ferrell is your family,’ Jacques threw back at her. ‘Talk about the enemy within.’ It was a bullseye point. Eve’s Granny Ferrell was the most wicked old bag on the planet. She made the Antichrist look like Anne of Green Gables.

I’ve read 4 1/2 Milly Johnson books so far and I’ve learned to expect certain things. You will both laugh and giggle throughout. At the end, you will sigh with satisfaction. With some you will cry, with some you will be scared, with some you will stand up and cheer, and with some, you will be angry. With The Mother of all Christmases you will do all of those. I agree with Bookworman who I credit with introducing me to this wonderful English author that it is one of her best. Milly Johnson, where have you been the last 10 years of my life? I don’t understand why she is not more well known in the United States!

One of the extra bonuses of her books is that you meet and catch up with characters from previous novels. this book probably incorporates more of this than the previous ones I have read. A few I have met before, and some, I can’t wait to meet in future books. **5 out 5 stars**

August 2, 2019

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