An Autumn Crush

by Milly Johnson

The 3 previous novels that I read by Milly all featured one of the heroines being verbally abused and disrespected throughout the novel. One was even physically abused, and none of them ever stood up to their victimizers until the very last. They just kept giving them second and more chances. It was very frustrating. I loved that this one did not feature any of that. It had all of the humor and romance but without any of the angst. What a relief! I enjoyed reading this lighter version Milly Johnson more than the others, although, in the end, I didn’t love it more. If that makes sense.
The epilogue was the icing on the cake and hit every button. **4 stars**

**11/08/2022** Just finished re-reading this on Audible. Here are some things I loved about this book and Milly’s approach.

I loved that Steve’s character is established early with his visit to his alcoholic mother. We know right away how wrong Juliet is about his character, and the path to revelation is set, adding to the anticipation.

I was grateful that Milly didn’t hammer us with her coldness and vile yet sad behavior. We got it with the initial visit. No need to mire the book and the reader in sadness, tragedy, and injustice.

I loved that Juliet and Steve’s love story was resolved well before the end, so we could participate in their happiness and concentrate on Guy and Floz and their journey.

Loved the double twist with Floz and Nick’s emails. Who is this guy? What is he up to?

Loved the epilogue. Perfect happy ending for 4 lovable people.

May 26, 2019

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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