A Winter Flame

By Milly Johnson

A Winter Flame has The bones of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Emotionally closed up due to her fiance getting killed on Christmas 5 years prior, our heroine channels all of her energy into her successful business, distancing her friends and family, and leaving her personal life on the shelf. Lo and Behold, she inherits a Christmas Theme Park from a beloved aunt which she is forced to co-own and develop with a handsome quirky and mysterious stranger whom she suspects of nefarious motives. Of course, need I say that all is not as it seems, and we all know how this will end?

Populated with a few characters from another novel, it puts a bow on one of the romances with a beautiful wedding. This one has the humor and entertaining pop culture references of the previous 4 novels I’ve read, but not as angsty or serious as some. It is also not as hilarious as some either. Our heroine, Eve, will make you want to choke her: she really is stubbornly blind to what is so obvious and reaches crazy conclusions based on evidence that should have pointed her to the light. But that’s what was intended! Anyway, I really liked the lightness of it. It was a fun book, with a few emotional scenes and a few surprises as well.**4 out of 5 stars**

June 12, 2019

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