Faro’s Daughter

By Georgette Heyer

I really enjoyed Laura Paton’s reading of Faro’s Daughter. Except for not incorporating Lucius Kennet’s Irish accent, it was perfect. A very funny novel with many of Heyer’s stock characters which although not unique to this work, does not make them any less enjoyable. Quintessential Mark I hero, Ravenscar; Callow and besotted young noble, Mablethorpe, whose developing love for the weak-minded but sweet ingénue, Phoebe makes a man of him; Spoiled and selfish brother, Kit; and, not one, but two, mustache-twirling villains. Only our heroine, Deb Grantham, seems to be unique to this novel. She is of the highest integrity, kindhearted and generous, practical, brave, and wise. She even has a flair for broad comedy. Even so, she behaves so nonsensically and stupidly at times, and is so unfair to our hero, that it is downright frustrating. Of course, if she didn’t go on her headlong quest for revenge against Max Ravenscar, there would be no plot. You see, he had the unbelievable temerity to insult her by offering her money to release her young nephew from her thrall. There is no reason for him to know she is a stellar character who would never stoop to entrap a young nobleman into marriage. But instead of setting him straight, she overreacts and does everything in her power to make him believe she is just as black as she has painted herself. She is somewhat similar to Venetia (she has a very hot temper as well), but without her innocence and sheltered background. She does run a gaming hell, after all. **4 out of 5 stars**

April 26, 2017

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