The Corinthian

By Georgette Heyer

What a delight Georgina Sutton’s reading of The Corinthian was! Because of her interpretation, I enjoyed this just as much as I did in my teens. There has been much silly speculation in some circles as to Sir Richard’s attraction and love for young boyish Penn, disguised, as she was, throughout the whole novel as his nephew. Somehow Sutton’s interpretation of Richard and Penn leaves no doubt as to the health of the attraction and love he develops towards his young “brat.” She gives Penn the tomboyish charm that Heyer sparked in my youthful imagination. Richard is so funny with his calm insouciance in the face of her exuberance and naivety. She even conveys a bit of his vulnerability along with his cool management of every threatening situation they get into on their adventure. All of the minor characters are distinct and so dead on. Cedric is hilarious in his affected accents, Lydia Daubenet’s father with his huffing and puffing is a hoot, Lady Luttrell conveys much needed sanity and common sense, and even the little maid is sweet with her humble shyness. The bow street runner, Beverly Brandon, and Jimmy Yarde are perfect. I’ve never listened to a bad narrator of Heyer’s works, but Georgina Sutton’s was “Top of the Trees”. I just wish there had been at least one more chapter and an epilogue. **5 stars out of 5**

March 10, 2019

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