By Karin Slaughter

I thought this one was a good bet because of the fantastic reviews, and the backlist featuring the same lead characters with the promise of relationship development leading to a satisfying and happy partnership in crime-fighting. Unfortunately, I found this book to be way too gruesome and unnecessarily explicit in both the description of the gore and the torture both mental and physical.

I also could not understand and was very bothered by two other character’s unconscionable behaviors. 


How could Lena, as a supposedly good and tough-minded cop let a half-conscious pitiful victim steal her gun right off of her and ultimately blow her head off? When she took her gun, Lena had a chance to talk her down and change her mind. Instead, Lena pretty much did the opposite with her accusatory outburst. She as good as pulled the trigger herself. Other than her feeling bad, there were no consequences for her. After that, she was just dead to me. The other thing that really turned me off was Sara, our main girl, putting her own emotional preference of keeping the horrible details of her rape a secret from Jeffrey despite the jarring similarities and connections to what happened to Sibyl, the first victim, and then the second victim. I respect her right not to confide and I even understand it, but not when other women’s lives are at stake! Also she was really dense as to who the psycho was until it was too late. Speaking of which, the demented actions of the killer were so over the top, I didn’t think it credible that he could be such a normal nice guy with no hint of anything “wrong” there. Also, it is established the killer had knowledge and access to a certain drug. There was one pharmacist in town. Hello? 

**end spoiler**

I still give it 3 stars because it kept me reading and engaged. I’m not giving the aptly named author a second chance because I read enough about the series as a whole to know there is too much misery in store. I am a big fan of Midsomer County and the murders therein, but I will be stepping on the gas and leaving Grant County in my rearview mirror.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

July 20, 2019

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