This Could Change Everything

By Jill Mansell

Every day, we do things that are capable of changing everything, and that’s what makes life exciting. When I was busking last summer, I used to fantasize that Steven Spielberg would come to Bath and catch sight of me and be completely enthralled, and then he’d beg me to appear in his next film.” “And did he?” “No, but it could happen. That’s the point. 

I enjoyed this book and will probably try another Jill Mansell in the future. She’s a good writer. I liked the characters and was entertained throughout. In fact, I do have to give her extra kudos because at the 60 or 70% mark it was obvious who two of the main characters needed to end up with, and I couldn’t see how that was going to be accomplished without pain or injustice to the other involved parties. She handled it very neatly in one case. Not so much in the other.

There wasn’t a lot of tension or suspense or hilarity. Or highs or lows. I liked the characters but wasn’t really invested in them. It was pleasant, amusing, and I read every word. Not skipping ahead is usually worth at least 3 stars! Will definitely be putting another one on my TBR list, but not going to rush to read another because I can’t wait. 3 1/2 stars

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

February 4, 2019

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