The Haunted Road (Judy Bolton #25)

By Margaret Sutton

Dr. Bolton patted his black-haired daughter on the shoulder…”I have a quotation that may help you get through today…It’s this: A trouble either can be remedied or it cannot. If it can be, then set about it. If it can not be…bear it so bravely that it may become transfigured to a blessing.”
‘Today I’m setting about it,” Judy said. “I’m not ready to bear it bravely and I’m the one who’s transfigured-or disfigured. I can’t decide which.”

I had to take a break from this book because of other commitments, so my memory is a little weak about some of the particulars. This was pretty exciting and suspenseful due to Peter’s disappearance while chasing a highjacked truck. At first, there is a real danger that he was buried in a landslide. When we learn that he probably got away from that, we know he is still in danger because he never comes back. Judy is frantic, and can’t help but think that the worst has happened. At the urging of Peter’s boss, Mr. Trent, she does some undercover work in a factory. The scenes in the factory are interesting, especially dealing with the notorious Twila North. What a piece of work she is!

Judy hides away in a truck, which leads to her finally finding Peter. He has been wrapped up in a sheet for 5 days unable to hardly move with only an occasional drink of water. He hasn’t eaten or, as Peter subtly hints, been able to use the bathroom.

Despite the grim proceedings and Peter’s life being really feared for, there is some good amusing banter between Judy and Horace including some banter regarding how she looks with her new disguise of black dyed hair and glasses. I also like the brief appearances of Holly, Honey, Lois, and Lorraine.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

July 14, 2021

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