The Spirit of Fog Island (Judy Bolton #22)

By Margaret Sutton


Well, this one has never been a favorite for several reasons. First of all, Judy is all on her own far from her usual stomping grounds in a dangerous and sad environment. This book is an example of Margaret Sutton’s laudable commitment to tackling difficult social problems along with Judy’s adventures.

Through a crazy mix-up, Judy receives a note she thinks is from Peter while still in Chicago from her last adventure, telling her to meet him on Fog Island, part of an Indian reservation in Northern Wisconsin. While trying to find Peter there she gets involved with victimized Native Americans who are having their homes and sacred burial ground burgled for their valuable authentic artifacts and handiwork. If that isn’t sad enough, she meets with people who sometimes view her with suspicion and hostility part of the time while sometimes befriending her. Also sadly, the main villain is a missionary who gains the trust of his victims because he is supposedly a man of God.

There are some bright spots chief among them being the reunion at long last of Peter and Judy and the reveal as to how the mix-up happened. The ending is satisfying and happy if a little unrealistic.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

February 5, 2021

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