Six Impossible Things

by Elizabeth Cadell

“I’ve said I want to marry you,” ended Joey doggedly…Well, what d’you say?” “The answer,” said Miss Stocker without hesitation, “is no….“Look, in the whole of my life, I never once said to a woman what I’ve just said to you.” “Then you’re lucky. If you had, you might have got your face slapped more often.”

Thank you for all those compliments you paid me, that brought the blushes to my cheek. Thank you for all that poetry you read out about my charms. Thank you for screwing yourself up to the point of overlooking my deficiencies, and persuading yourself that I’d do as well as anybody else to carry up your cupper tea in the morning and make you a hot meal at night. Thank you for nothing.”

This was a worthy conclusion to the Wayne family trilogy bolstered by some laugh out loud scenes (The Proposal), a few pages of mystery and suspense (the Disappearing Bridegroom), nice character arcs (Marian and Lady Templesby,) and an evil villain to love to hate (Kenneth.) I was disappointed that Simon, my favorite character in The Lark Shall Sing, did not make an appearance. However, this was Julia’s story, as well as Nicholas, and I liked her almost as much. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

July 2, 2016

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