A Fatal Grace

by Louise Penny

‘The names of her gurus,’ said Clara between sobs. Myrna was no longer sure whether she was crying or laughing. ‘Krishnamurti Das, Ravi Shankar Das, Gandhi Das. Ramen Das. Khalil Das. Gibran Das. They even call her CC Das.’ By now Clara was roaring with laughter as were most of the others. Most. But not all. ‘I see nothing wrong with that,’ said Olivier, wiping his eyes. ‘Gabri and I follow the way of Häagen Das. It’s occasionally a rocky road.’

Oh my Goodness. I was set to give this book another 4-star rating like the first one, but the final pages really put it over the top. Quelle surprise! We also have some twists and turns and more information in the overarching drama of the Arnot affair and the danger Gamache is in, career-wise. I read a review of this series from someone who binge read this series and now is full of regret for reading them too quickly. I understand the hankering to do that. But I will learn from the mistakes of others and take a small break before going on to the third book. I have to fight really hard not to do what I often do and read all the information I can on a whole series I become really immersed in, almost obsessed with, before I finish it.

Another great thing. I read her acknowledgments, which I often don’t read, and was so delighted that she wrote of her appreciation for Anne Perry, who was kind enough to read her first book before it was published and gave her encouragement. Anne Perry is my favorite mystery writer who I have been reading for almost 40 years and one to whom I am very loyal. I hope I will feel the same way about Louise Penny in 40 years.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

February 26, 2018

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