Twenties Girl

By Sophie Kinsella

I had to speed read through a good portion of this one because I found the Heroine and the Ghost both so incredibly annoying. The Heroine, due to her blind obsession with and criminal behavior towards her ex, and Sadie, the ghost, for her unreasonable and constant screeching and selfishness. Lara’s great Aunt Sadie, who is a ghost, starts to haunt Lara. Sadie gives her the mission to find her missing necklace. It’s a fantasy. In the course of her mission, Lara learns many things. It kind of got bogged down, but things got back on track about 2/3 through when Lara came to her senses about her ex-boyfriend. The romance was pretty great, and the resolution was top notch.**3 stars out of 5**

October 4, 2016

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