The Break

By Marian Keyes

“I should have learned mindfulness, and it’s too late now because it’s no good learning it when you’re already in crisis: you have to start when things are good. But only the very, very oddest would think, Hey, my life is perfect. I know! I’ll sit and waste twenty minutes Observing My Thoughts without Judgement.”

“Worse, neither of us has liked any of the other’s Facebook posts, the modern equivalent of pistols at dawn.”

Another really really good book by Marian Keyes. I didn’t like the narrator as much as The Mystery of Mercy Close so it just didn’t quite make it to 5 stars for me. She was a little too soft-spoken and restrained. After listening to 2 Irish books in a row, I am even thinking with an Irish accent right now!

Another thing that held the excellent novel from being a “5” was I felt Amy was very hypocritical and full of unjustified rage at Hugh for much of the book, and Hugh was a little too good to be true. Yes, he did leave her but…He was very nice about it! I tried to buy into Amy’s side completely and share her anger, but I couldn’t 100%. Her rage and grief seemed over the top and a little tedious at times. I can’t judge Amy for her feelings, but she did not have the insight to see her role in why Hugh left. But Marian makes sure the reader realizes what Amy didn’t until near the end after Hugh returns.

It was very insightful and thought-provoking with lots of humor and lots going on with Amy, her mother, her children, and her workplace. Each part of Amy’s life, especially her children, is drawn to perfection. As always a very satisfying if predictable ending with a lovely epilogue that ties everything up very very nicely. **spoiler**

OOPs! except for one thing. I really really wanted Amy to have an encounter with the Serbian artist she adores so much, or at least obtain one of her paintings for herself. I honestly believe Marian set the book up for that to happen, but she forgot about or it was edited out.**4 stars out of 5**

Rating: 4 out of 5.

October 20, 2020

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