Treachery at Lancaster Gate

By Anne Perry

This is the best Anne Perry in a long, long, time. The mystery and motivations were hard to untangle but understandable and clear once one piece of information was revealed. In reviewing the clues, it was all there for the reader to see. As with most of Anne Perry’s mysteries, it is not a who-done-it, but a why, how, and who else is involved. Who hates who, and why? What is the collateral damage? What deep, dark secrets will be revealed? What is the psychology? How will it all tie together?

Pitt’s role in this one was much closer to his old detective days, dealing with murder, not international affairs, scandals, and the security of the nation except peripherally. She brought in some of the old cast of characters: Emily and Jack Radley, and most significantly, Tellman and Gracie play substantial roles. It has been years since we last saw them. Hopefully, AP will continue to follow this couple and keep Tellman in some of her novels. (Perhaps a transfer to Special Branch, now that he has been thoroughly disillusioned with the integrity of the police and his life even in danger still?)

Although there were a few plot holes and shades of deus ex machina, **spoiler**

(would a witness for the prosecution be allowed to interrogate and accuse the prosecutor himself while on the stand?) Nope. The judge is an old flirt of Aunt Vespacia and so allows her to approach the bench and influence the outcome and judicial decisions. **end spoiler**

Whatever, it was great drama and justice was well and thoroughly served. **5 out of 5 stars**

May 17, 2016

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