Moonraker’s Bride

by Madeleine Brent

Madeleine Brent’s books all follow a certain pattern, but it is an intriguing and enjoyable pattern indeed! The heroine always has an unusual background outside of ordinary society. She is usually thrust into that society and the story becomes a “fish out of water” story, and then usually it becomes incumbent upon her to return to her origins to solve the mystery/rescue or become reunited with the hero. Off the top of my head, some of her heroines have been circus performers, raised by aborigines, English girl raised in China (Moonraker’s Bride),half-Caste Indian girl raised in Tibet, Daughter of a notorious Jewel Thief, A young English girl living in a Paris Garrett with a shocking past, rescued from a harum, etc. As predictable as the plots are, they are utterly fascinating and engaging. Great Romance as well, though adventure is the #1 focus. the hero and heroine spend a long time apart in most of her novels, and it is never more true than in this one.

I don’t have a specific review for this particular book, because it has been so long since I last read it. I practically know it by heart so probably will not re-read it anytime soon. I felt I had to include it, because it is a sentimental favorite and my actual favorite, along with Merlin’s Keep. The heroine is the author’s most endearing among a pantheon of very endearing heroines created by this author. And it is laugh at loud funny at times. **5 out of 5 stars**

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