The Yorkshire Pudding Club

By Milly Johnson

**Re-read on audible 02/01/2023**
Love this book as it was my introduction to the great Milly Johnson and the reader, Colleen Prendergast was perfectly suited to the authorial voice and wonderful as usual. It is about how the lives of three best friends in their late 30s are transformed by their unexpected pregnancies. When the book begins they lead very different lives in terms of their careers, financial status, family, and relationship with the father. We don’t even know who the father is, in one case.

I believe this is my first “re-read” of this particular book. I kept putting off listening to this in favor of Milly Johnson books I’ve read more recently because one of the three women’s stories was just so painful and frustrating for a little over half the book, that I dreaded when it was her “turn” to advance the story. She is the victim of her love for a husband who is cruel and narcissistic. Of course, as with most of Milly’s “victims,” her story was all the more satisfying when she finally starts to rebel against him. Her love for her unborn child makes gives her insight and strength to break the chains of his domination. Justice is sweet (and hilarious.) The stories of two of the trio’s stories were just as entertaining but very different. Looking at it critically and objectively, the final quarter of the book could have been trimmed a bit, but I so enjoyed these women and every step of their journeys, that I don’t begrudge a second of time spent with this terrific book. I would recommend this novel to anyone who has had a baby, is pregnant, or one day hopes to be. Or just wants to know what it is really like.

**original review**

Oh, what a lovely book! It had everything I love in a novel: Women and men you actually get emotionally attached to and root for, both comedy and wit, heart-tugging emotional moments, Moments that make you cheer, villains to hate and for the good guys to triumph over, some nice romance, and a super happy ending. I loved that the 3 friends all started out a mess but it didn’t take all of them the whole book to get sorted out. I love suspense, which this one had, but it was also nice that it was kind of staggered throughout the plot.

When my librarian had to do an inter-library loan to get me a Milly Johnson book, she commented that she had been a bit hard to find: “She is a very very English author.” She didn’t know the half of it. I thought I was very conversant with British slang and colloquialisms. I’ve been reading non-American writers all my life. From Mary Stewart to Maeve Binchy to Marian Keyes to Lianne Moriarty to Harry Potter. I know what chuffed means; I know what a torch is; I know what a jumper is; I know what whinging means. I thought I had heard it all. But this book, on almost every page, I had to stop and think about some word she used and puzzle out the meaning, or quickly look it up. I could have skipped over it and gone on, but that’s not me. Here is a small sampling: Faff, Plonk, Sarnie, Tena Pants, Switch Card, “It felt like November 5th in her head” (I guessed correctly on that one), trundle, P45time, Natural clever clogs, Winkle pickers, Shergar, Key Stage 1, and On her tod. It was a negative at first, but it turned into a positive once I got used to it and the book really got going. It was a little slow at first.

I would recommend Milly Johnson to anyone who likes Kristan Higgins, Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, or even Liane Moriarty. She’s lighter than some, but more complex and serious than, say, Kinsella. I’ve only read the one so far, but now that I know how good she is, I’ll have no hesitation buying the kindle editions going forward. **5 out of 5 stars**

March 10, 2019

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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