By Georgette Heyer

“I daresay Freddy might not be a great hand at slaying dragons- but one has not the smallest need of a man who can kill dragons!”

*Spoilers*Absolutely delightful rendering of the incomparable Cotillion by Phyllida Nash. She does particularly well by Freddy. It would have been so tempting to exaggerate his tone and inflection, but she lets his character speak for itself. The reader is led to believe he is a “frippery” fellow at first, if he listens to his family and even Freddy’s own words about himself. But when he saves the day at Hugh’s Rectory, the reader alone, along with Kitty, is not surprised because he has been saving the day from the very beginning. When he walks in the door at the end, we are relieved because we know that now everything will be okay. When he concentrates on picking the piece of fluff off of his jacket in the midst of chaos and confusion, we hold our breath and are glad we are on Team Freddy and not Team Jack. Freddy is one of Heyer’s most brilliantly realized characters. **5 out of 5 stars**

June 2, 2018

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