Detection Unlimited

By Georgette Heyer

But what you see in this case to be pleased about I can’t make out! Seems to me it’s either going to be so easy that this local Sergeant you think so well of might just as well have solved it for himself; or it’s going to be such a snorter that we shall never get to the bottom of it.’ ‘It’s got class,’ said Hemingway, selecting a radish from the dish. ‘It’s got a good decor, too, and, barring the Pole, I like the sound of the dramatis personae. It isn’t every day you get a murder amongst a lot of nice, respectable people living in a country village.

For some reason, I never read this mystery by Georgette until this week. The narration and acting by the reader, Ulli Burve’ was excellent. The puzzle was clever and twisty and Inspector Hemingway is as bright as ever. And yes, he still is a fan of “psychology.” As always in a cozy mystery many secrets are revealed. Heyer is a master at the characterization of the mostly stock English village types. And always, the witty repartee and humorous observations were one of the strengths. There is a slight but sunny little romance as well. I was mystified as to the perpetrator until the end but it was one of two people I hoped it would be. I wish the final confrontation and reveal would have been real time and not just regurgitated later because it would have made a deliciously satisfactory scene. I’m knocking off part of star for that **3 1/2 stars out of 5**

August 10, 2020

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