Wedding at Graceland

Cute Kellie and the Most Annoying Hallmark Mother Ever

No doubt we will see a lot of grouchyfaces bashing Kellie Pickler’s acting skills just like we did with her first foray into Hallmark land, the hugely popular Christmas at Graceland. Well I thought she was adorable in this one and the chemistry between her and Wes Brown was solid. She was cute, perky, cheerful, and authentic. She certainly has a lot more spark than most of the cookie-cutter Hallmark actresses. In this one, the couple have to deal with her cold sulky father and his overbearing steamroller of a mother who will stop at nothing to hijack the wedding. The plot is tension filled while we wait in vain for Kellie and Wes to put the parents in their place. This doesn’t happen, but they do realize the error of their ways eventually and all ends with a perfect wedding at Graceland. The lack of a huge telling off and catharsis knocks this down a bit, but all in all, this was better than the first one.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

June 4, 2019

Christmas at Graceland

Can Anyone really “spoil” a Hallmark Christmas Movie?

Ok, so Kelly Pickler may not be the best actress in the world, but I found her very appealing in this role. For some reason her authentic southern accent really captured me. I wish these Hallmark make-up artists would realize that their victims, oops, clients, are not contestants in a beauty pageant. I prefer the natural girl next door look, not the look of someone that is trying to sell cosmetics behind a counter in a department store. Geez, tone it down. It’s like they are trying to hide something. She seems like a very nice person, and that came across in her role. Wes Brown is one of my favorite Hallmark heroes, so this is another factor that boosted my rating. I also liked the little girl. All three are very talented singers. Of course the plot was pretty standard stuff. No surprises there. And I wish that we would have had some closure with her boss as it was his fault the business deal fell through, and I hate that she got the blame for it. this was directed by Eric Close, best known as an actor. I like to see familiar faces branching out. **6 out of 10 stars**

November 18, 2018